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Nonsense is the law. The Law is nonsense…

7:53 PM 1: you’ve got the poing :)
8:00 PM 2: the poing too
8:02 PM 1: of course. it’s of foremost importance to have the poing! :D
8:03 PM 2: the poing is the essence of life
and propper communication of course
8:04 PM 1: of course! that’s why every bard, blogger and tongue-bearing being must visit the Oracle of Poing at least once in their lives! :)
8:05 PM 2: the oracle of poing, two right corners beyond the Temple of Ping
8:07 PM 1: Yes! You know the way! You must be one of the 47 Chosen Beings of Poing!!!
8:08 PM (45 on sundays, when 2 of them become lightposts)
8:12 PM 2: Yes, I am one of those lucky bastards, and also a priest of the magical and ludicrous Real of Ping, aming for the perfection of Ping Poing Chi Wisdom
8:13 PM 1: Aaargh! Blessed be thy spleen!!!
8:14 PM 2: Oh, my apleen actually got a cold this afternoon, it went off on vacation for a fortnight, you know?
But I´ll leave it a note on your behalf, thank you very much!
1: It’s so kind of you. It would be most saddening to have my blessings misgiven…
8:15 PM 2: or misleaded, i dread say

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Agora começo a entender por quê parei instintivamente de ouvir há tantos anos músicas que costumava escutar quase o tempo todo naqueles dias hoje tão passados. Para poder escutá-las de novo hoje em dia e ter preservado nelas, intacto, o sentimento de ser quem fui naqueles dias…

Sioxsie Sioux e seus Banshees guardam, sem saber, a minha memória de quem eu fui há 10 anos…

“You buried it so deep
So safe in hidden sleep
But like a tell-tale corpse
Rises to the surface
Over-ripe and bloated
In naked time-lapsed truth
Thought it was lost forever
Remember this

How long has it been
Or have you forgotten
When you first forgot?
Now resurrection the phoenix
Aflame with pride and conceit
Remembers this…”

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A gripe embota minha mente e meus sentidos.
Meus pensamentos param no ar. Sigo sem pensar.
Reconheço uma paz que há muito não tinha lugar.
Acho que finalmente esta noite vou dormir…
…e sonhar.

As verduras dos vales de A Tir Feu dançam
logo além dos olhos, onde só podiam ser encontradas
quando se deixa de procurá-las.
Liberto do pensar, ir incessante ir e vir,
consigo finalmente apenas ficar comigo mesmo…
…e sonhar.

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